Vote me for MYP!

Thu, Mar 10, 2022

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This month is Surrey's MYP election, and I'm standing again!

Vote me for MYP!

My manifesto:

Who am I?

I am Dylan Baldock, one of the current MYPs for Surrey, and I want your help to re-elect me to be your Member of Youth Parliament. During my first term as MYP, I worked with local MPs like Michael Gove to get your point across as my constituents. I also created the Youth Talks Podcast, where I have spoken to local councillors and youth councillors. I also deputy Chair the Surrey Youth Cabinet, where I share the points of my constituents on a county level.

What will I do if elected?

One thing I have noticed during my current term as MYP is the state of our current mental health system - it’s in a state of urgent repair! If I get elected, I will dedicate my time to talking to people in power and making the local mental health system in Surrey better. I will also make it easier for constituents to communicate with us.

Communicating with MYPs has always been something that needs improving, and has been made particuarly harder over the pandemic. The proposed model I would push forward would include forms for particular issues that constituents would raise to us, regularly surgeries, and MYPs to sit on their local borough council, meaning YOU would be represented better by decision makers.

Something that concerns me a lot is the amount of LGBTQ+ bullying that is currently increasing in Secondary schools, I would work closely with teachers, students and councils to push forward a proposed model of how schools can decrease bullying of all types.

I would also continue my podcast, and expand it to have more guests that intrigue a wide range of young people.

Thank you for taking the time to read this - please vote for me using the link below, and watch the videos of the other candidates!

Dylan: Dylan’s Manifesto Speech for Member of Youth Parliament - YouTube

Tianna: Tianna’s Manifesto Speech for Member of Youth Parliament - YouTube

Rowen: Rowen’s Manifesto Speech for Member of Youth Parliament - YouTube

Link to vote: