TEDxYouth@SurreyHeath Event

Mon, Jul 12, 2021

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I recently hosted our very own TEDx event with 5 inspiring speakers from around Surrey.

TEDxYouth@SurreyHeath Event

The Surrey Heath Youth Council held our very own TEDxYouth@SurreyHeath last Saturday at the Camberley Theatre. Featuring 5 highly inspirational speakers, it was a great success with many joining us in the venue and live on our YouTube channel.

Firstly was Emily from Fearless who told us all about the great work the charity does in enabling anonymous crime reporting to keep our communities safer.

Next up was Rebecca with her very interesting and reflective talk “Why?”. Rebecca told us about her journey , charity work and family which inspired all of us.

Following on, we had Stephen from Pride in Surrey. He spoke to us about Unconscious Bias and gave us some important lessons for life to take away.

Additionally, we had Elina with a very interesting talk giving her perspective on mental health and living indepently at university.

Finally, we had Benjamin with a great talk on finding the right job to make work fun and enjoyable. It gave us some important takeaways on finding happiness in life.

Overall it was a great event and I was very proud to have been able to host it.

Remember to follow Surrey Heath Youth Council @surreyheathyc and check out their website for more information.