#SurreyEcoTravel Challenge One

Sat, Aug 13, 2022

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Read on to find out about the #SurreyEcoTravel Campaign, and the 1st Challenge we held on the 1st August.

#SurreyEcoTravel Challenge One

This year, the Surrey Youth Cabinet decided that we would run two projects based upon Surrey’s Make Your Mark Results, and these two projects would be run by our Members of Youth Parliament. Due to my successful re-election, I was voted to run the Surrey Youth Cabinet’s Environment Project, alongside my other projects I am running as MYP. In our first team meeting, we had to decide on our project over the next two years. Our project is all about highlighting the ease of travelling around Surrey via green and active modes of travel including public transport, cycling and more.

The way we hope to achieve this is through publishing online vlogs. This will mainly entail vlogs of us making green journeys through Surrey where we share advice. It will also feature challenges where a group of SYC members and their local councillor will attempt to race to a destination in Surrey via sustainable modes. This will accumulate into one big challenge next summer, where we race from one end of Surrey to the other, while only using eco-methods of transport, with lots of members of the Youth Cabinet, Councillors, MPs and local celebrities taking part. 

On the 13th August, myself, Pranav from the Surrey Youth Cabinet, and Paul Deach, vice chair of the Communities, Environment and Highways Select Committee, travelled from Camberley to Guildford using only sustainable ways. Paul would use his e-bike to cycle, Pranav would catch the bus, and I would be taking the train, to figure out which method is the quickest, whilst also being the most cost effective. 

Watch this video to find out how we did! [Will be updated when video comes out]